1. They are really beautiful projects Anne - thanks for sharing the info.
    Did you print with a special ink? I was wondering about the ink moving/bleeding
    with the mod podge etc.
    Gill x

  2. Hi Gill....no special ink...just the regular inks that I use in my printer (they are compatible inks as well not the 'original' Epson inks!). It's trail and error to some degree with what you are printing onto and the make of ink I think but, in general, bleeding of the colours was minimal. I do find the proper Mod Podge performs better than a 'homemade' one but I would imagine that you could 'fix' the print with a spray and then a watered down PVA glue would be fine to use. x

  3. Thanks for info Anne - I've various mediums but not tried any of the Mod Podges so will have to get some. When I printed on tissue before I used a little Tim Holtz distress glaze over the images (bit like Vaseline but you hardly put anything on your finger when using it). Think you have also inspired me to go get Michelles lovely kit too :)... thanks xx

    1. I'll have to try the Tim Holtz glaze.....thanks for that Gill. Michelle's kits are really lovely and have loads in them too. If you make anything please do share your projects here! x